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Soon to be in progress test..


released May 27, 2016

Mike Peterson - Words, Music, Virtual Instruments

Bill Giles - Bass

Denny Bales - Guitars, Keyboards, Backing vocals




Mike Peterson and his Virtual Progressive Rock Band Nevada City, California

Composed using Virtual Instruments and a Digital Audio Workstation

After the composition is finished, my musical buddies add their parts

Bill Giles(bass) and Denny Bales (guitar, keyboards, vocals) add, and sometimes compose, their parts

Making computer rendered music sound musical and non-robotic is a challenge

Adding live players helps a lot
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Track Name: Light
It's the energy
That's streamin from the sun

It's the power
Bringin life to every one

We face the grim reality
Of shortage and uncertainty
The answer we can clearly see
Is light
Bright white light

Yes it's clean
And it's free
And it's pouring out abundantly
Ready to be used today

By the engineers
With their skill and creativity
To brighten and enlighten
The way

It's a miracle
A puzzle and a prize

It's a dream
Unfolding right before our eyes

The promise of humanity
Accomplished optimistically
And all we need
To set us free
Is light
Bright white light

So ignore the predictions
Of doom and disaster
It's all just a game
That we're able to master

As we race toward the future
It's shining and bright
With light
Bright white light

128K .mp3